Thursday, May 9, 2013

Driving lessons

She must have been watching her daddy drive;)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Past couple of months

We've had a rough couple of months here lately. We've been to the doctor about 6 times in 2 months for ear infections. Not fun. We are going to be getting tubes soon so hopefully things will get better.
Ames is starting to tackle more on her own...a little too much at times. Our sweet girl will walk to the end of the driveway and when we stop her to turn around before going into the road, she collapses onto the ground screaming. Seems too early for that stuff... Guess I'm just not ready for it;)
I'm posting this from my phone so I'm not sure how the pictures will come up, but I'll just list captions...

Ames sitting on her 'big joe' chair, Meeting the ducklings, One year check up, her doll I made her for birthday ( that jack named Budgie), giving the dogs some water, one of her ear infections, 'helping' me plant herbs, sitting with her two best friends, spotted a baby fox I thought was a kitten on our walk, baby opossum in our yard a few days later, (we don't even live in the country), and lastly, Ames playing in the puddles.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

She's a year old!

Our little baby is one! crazy.

we celebrated with family the weekend before her actual birthday. It snowed! but then melted:( 

We did a puffs and paper theme and I knew there would only be two other kids there, so I tried to come up with some adult-ish games. The weather prevented me from getting to do a few, but we did a "guess how many puff are in the jar" and a paper airplane competition (person's plane that went furthest won). Uncle Kevin won both events.

I was so slack when it came to taking pictures. Jack woke up the Friday before with severe vertigo so he was barely able to be at the party, so things were a little more hectic than planned;) 

My friend Bonnie made the cakes. They were so good! We did a puff for her cake and notebook paper for everyone else. Puffs & Paper!

Checking out the snow...She could live outside.

one of our few pictures together;) 

He was trying so hard to feel looking sick person I know;) 

Cousin Annaleigh loves Ames' hair. Ames is not sure about it. 

I love cake!!! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

11 months

Ames at 11 months. Her personality is definitely coming out more and more each day. I have a feeling she is going to be quite the little pistol, which I know God is going to use to show me things in myself that need to be worked on;)

She's loving to walk around outside and tries to get out of the house when the dog gate isn't up. She's starting to notice the dogs more and wanting to play with them which is sweet to watch.
She's having tantrums already which is crazy and makes me crazy! She's still not a big eater when it comes to solids, so I'm still using some formula to make sure she's getting what she needs.
We are celebrating her first birthday this weekend with family. The theme is "Puffs & Paper"-her two favorite things;)
I just downloaded the blogger app on my phone in hopes that I'll post more often.;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 months at 11 months

a little behind with this... nothing new.

Ames at 10 months.

We have a walker!

She decided to let go of the furniture on Christmas Eve. She's still holding on to things for support most of the time, but walks without support when she's feeling brave and when she wants to make it to something quickly.

She has four molars coming in. This has not been fun. I'm pretty sure she has a low pain tolerance like her mom.

We took our first trip without her last weekend, so weaning began the first of January. She was not ready and wanted comfort for her hurting teeth, but we managed to get down to one feeding a day before we left. It was pretty difficult for me emotionally. She began night waking around this time probably due to a combination of teething, weaning, and being able to stand in her crib. By the way, she looked so much older when we got back...makes you realize how fast this goes by.

It's been tougher lately to get her down for her morning nap. I have to rock her to sleep in my arms, which I don't mind too much because she wouldn't let me do this when she was smaller.

She's said some new things on purpose lately... says "teese" when I get her some string cheese, "woof" when the dogs bark, and "ba" for ball.

Hopefully I can get her 11 month picture up before her 1 year one.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

i should give this up

I'm sure no one reads this anymore with my sporadic posts.
But to those who do...

Ames' 9 month picture

I did something I said I would never do again...photograph a wedding. It was the most ideal wedding for a photographer: outdoors, small, and laid back...which is why I did it. I actually enjoyed it, but do not plan on doing one again because of the time it takes to edit. Plus, my baby is about to let go of the furniture when walking, so I need to be distraction free for her sake.;) 

one of my favorites from the day

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