Friday, May 27, 2011


One of the things I was most excited about when getting married was starting new traditions. Crazy weird ones. We don't have too many right now and the ones we do have are pretty normal - like going to cut down a Christmas tree. However, a couple of weeks ago we decided to start a new one. We built a fire to "shred" some of our personal documents we needed to get rid of. It was nice because it happened to be a really cold night in the middle of May. We decided to roast hotdogs and just make a night out of it;) So our new  "Have a fire, roast hotdogs, and burn personal documents on the last cold night before summer" tradition was born. :)



In other news, I've been up to a lot of projects lately that still need completing.

I did finish painting our kitchen. I went with a bright, golden yellow. I felt like going crazy with it. It's hard to get a feel for the real color from my pictures.



I painted our bathroom the exact color I said I wouldn't, but I really like it.


I'm trying to get a few projects to a presentable state...

so many things you can do with pallets.


the gutted record player. we're getting there slowly but surely.


this is going to be some random wall art when finished.


I haven't been giving too much attention to my garden. Just watering everyday if I remember and occasionally pulling some weeds. I'm pleasantly surprised at how it's doing so far.

this is a cute little green bean. It's about the size of a fingernail.


bell peppers


onion...not sure when you know when these are ready for picking.


by biggest and best producer...yellow squash.




I actually planted a few seeds from a cantaloupe we bought and within a week or so it had sprouted and is doing better than most of the seeds I bought in a package. I don't think the garden is going to be as fruitful as I had imagined, but hopefully it will save us a few dollars this summer.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden fence shelves

I must warn you that my style is very different. There's not many "new" items in my house. I love making old things new and salvaging pieces that would otherwise be trash. These shelves are a perfect example.

These floating shelves were made from my dad out of an old door. They were hanging in the most random locations on the wall in our bedroom. I had put them up before Jack moved his king bed in and never had the time to move them. I thought they would look better over our desk.


Our house, being that it is extremely old, isn't quite straight or level when it comes to walls and floors, so I wanted to close in the side of the shelves to make sure things stayed in place. My dad had some old wire garden fence, so I cut out some and stapled them to the sides of the shelves.


finished shelves...


I like how they turned out, but like I said, I have a slightly different taste than most.;)

Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm discovering how A.D.D. I am. I'm working on a very long list of things to do/clean for our house. I find myself jumping from one thing to the next without necessarily finishing the first task.

One thing I had on the list was to find or make a headboard for our bed. I found some awesome old shutters at the habitat restore in Anderson. They were painted a very pretty green and the back is a deep blue.


I sprayed the shutters down with bug spray (in case anything was living inside) and scrubbed them with wood soap and some sandpaper.

I think it turned out nicely. I will probably paint them white someday, but like the beat up green look for now....and yes, that is a belt around an old pillow. I saw it in an antique store as a decoration and found that we had a pillow just like it, so I put one of my old belts around it. Jack of course made fun of it.


I'm also working on (with much help from my dad) an old record player/radio cabinet. This thing has been sitting in the attic for a looong time. It's extremely heavy from all the hardware inside. We are gutting it and making it useable storage space.



I also just finished up painting our fireplace. It was pretty dingy. I painted it white and scuffed it up with a piece of asphalt I found in the driveway.



I was on a roll from doing so much around the house that I decided to challenge myself in the kitchen. I made us some coconut shrimp for dinner. I must say it was quite tasty and a lot cheaper than Outback's.


I'm off to another busy and too short of a weekend! Maybe some painting will get done! have a good one!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've been trying to decide on a paint color for our bathroom and kitchen.  I'm wanting to use the same color to save money and want something unique...
I keep coming back to this color... which isn't unique at all.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

Like this...maybe a little more golden.

loving this blue color too

mmm...decisions, decisions.

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