Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden fence shelves

I must warn you that my style is very different. There's not many "new" items in my house. I love making old things new and salvaging pieces that would otherwise be trash. These shelves are a perfect example.

These floating shelves were made from my dad out of an old door. They were hanging in the most random locations on the wall in our bedroom. I had put them up before Jack moved his king bed in and never had the time to move them. I thought they would look better over our desk.


Our house, being that it is extremely old, isn't quite straight or level when it comes to walls and floors, so I wanted to close in the side of the shelves to make sure things stayed in place. My dad had some old wire garden fence, so I cut out some and stapled them to the sides of the shelves.


finished shelves...


I like how they turned out, but like I said, I have a slightly different taste than most.;)

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