Friday, May 27, 2011


One of the things I was most excited about when getting married was starting new traditions. Crazy weird ones. We don't have too many right now and the ones we do have are pretty normal - like going to cut down a Christmas tree. However, a couple of weeks ago we decided to start a new one. We built a fire to "shred" some of our personal documents we needed to get rid of. It was nice because it happened to be a really cold night in the middle of May. We decided to roast hotdogs and just make a night out of it;) So our new  "Have a fire, roast hotdogs, and burn personal documents on the last cold night before summer" tradition was born. :)



In other news, I've been up to a lot of projects lately that still need completing.

I did finish painting our kitchen. I went with a bright, golden yellow. I felt like going crazy with it. It's hard to get a feel for the real color from my pictures.



I painted our bathroom the exact color I said I wouldn't, but I really like it.


I'm trying to get a few projects to a presentable state...

so many things you can do with pallets.


the gutted record player. we're getting there slowly but surely.


this is going to be some random wall art when finished.


I haven't been giving too much attention to my garden. Just watering everyday if I remember and occasionally pulling some weeds. I'm pleasantly surprised at how it's doing so far.

this is a cute little green bean. It's about the size of a fingernail.


bell peppers


onion...not sure when you know when these are ready for picking.


by biggest and best producer...yellow squash.




I actually planted a few seeds from a cantaloupe we bought and within a week or so it had sprouted and is doing better than most of the seeds I bought in a package. I don't think the garden is going to be as fruitful as I had imagined, but hopefully it will save us a few dollars this summer.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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