Wednesday, March 6, 2013

She's a year old!

Our little baby is one! crazy.

we celebrated with family the weekend before her actual birthday. It snowed! but then melted:( 

We did a puffs and paper theme and I knew there would only be two other kids there, so I tried to come up with some adult-ish games. The weather prevented me from getting to do a few, but we did a "guess how many puff are in the jar" and a paper airplane competition (person's plane that went furthest won). Uncle Kevin won both events.

I was so slack when it came to taking pictures. Jack woke up the Friday before with severe vertigo so he was barely able to be at the party, so things were a little more hectic than planned;) 

My friend Bonnie made the cakes. They were so good! We did a puff for her cake and notebook paper for everyone else. Puffs & Paper!

Checking out the snow...She could live outside.

one of our few pictures together;) 

He was trying so hard to feel looking sick person I know;) 

Cousin Annaleigh loves Ames' hair. Ames is not sure about it. 

I love cake!!! 

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