Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 months at 11 months

a little behind with this... nothing new.

Ames at 10 months.

We have a walker!

She decided to let go of the furniture on Christmas Eve. She's still holding on to things for support most of the time, but walks without support when she's feeling brave and when she wants to make it to something quickly.

She has four molars coming in. This has not been fun. I'm pretty sure she has a low pain tolerance like her mom.

We took our first trip without her last weekend, so weaning began the first of January. She was not ready and wanted comfort for her hurting teeth, but we managed to get down to one feeding a day before we left. It was pretty difficult for me emotionally. She began night waking around this time probably due to a combination of teething, weaning, and being able to stand in her crib. By the way, she looked so much older when we got back...makes you realize how fast this goes by.

It's been tougher lately to get her down for her morning nap. I have to rock her to sleep in my arms, which I don't mind too much because she wouldn't let me do this when she was smaller.

She's said some new things on purpose lately... says "teese" when I get her some string cheese, "woof" when the dogs bark, and "ba" for ball.

Hopefully I can get her 11 month picture up before her 1 year one.

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