Thursday, December 13, 2012

i should give this up

I'm sure no one reads this anymore with my sporadic posts.
But to those who do...

Ames' 9 month picture

I did something I said I would never do again...photograph a wedding. It was the most ideal wedding for a photographer: outdoors, small, and laid back...which is why I did it. I actually enjoyed it, but do not plan on doing one again because of the time it takes to edit. Plus, my baby is about to let go of the furniture when walking, so I need to be distraction free for her sake.;) 

one of my favorites from the day


  1. Please don't give it up. It's the only blog I read!

  2. I do, I do! It does get harder however to keep up w/ it the older they get as you can tell from my spaced out blog posts! Also, I'm going to be the safety nazi and tell you that cord on the shades by her bed needs to be shortened... my nephew almost strangled himself w/ the cord from a video monitor when he got it around the neck!

    Let's please get together soon! Can't wait for the girls to start interacting w/ each other!

  3. Ha, I knew someone would say something! no worries, we are on it. The pic was semi staged anyways;) Yes, Let's get together soon! Hope yall have a Merry Christmas!


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