Friday, July 29, 2011

too fast

time is going by way too fast. It's almost August!

We really haven't done too much this summer. We've been to the beach and to Charleston for our 3rd anniversary!

one of the only pictures I took that weekend...


I love being married to this man.

I've unfortunately let my garden go. I was just too slow for the weeds. It's still yielding some good stuff though...



I haven't been doing too many crafts lately...It's been way too hot to work on anything outside. I had all intentions of diving into some sewing projects but have been a little under the weather until recently. I did manage to make some polymer clay earrings like this...

Working with the clay was harder than I thought so this was the best I could come up with.


You can buy the clay at craft stores. Looks like this...


they have lots of colors but I chose a neutral one because I knew I was going to paint them. You just make your shape, put in the oven (directions are on the package) and paint if desired. Simple as that. Would be a fun craft for kids to do.


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