Friday, April 15, 2011

Gardening 101

I've learned a lot trying to start a garden. A lot of things not to do actually. My cantaloupe that I transplanted died immediately so I replanted the seeds straight into the garden. They're growing ok so far. The whole growing from seed process is taking longer than I expected. Next year I will most likely buy the plants further along.


My spinach was not sprouting nearly enough in the garden for some reason. I had maybe four sprout up. I replanted the spinach in smaller pots on our deck and it's working so much better.


I went to check on the garden this my pj's of course;)


and was surprised to see I have some onion sprouting


my peppers that I started indoors are still hanging on, although one got eaten by a mole that's really getting on my nerves..


as you can tell from above there are weeds...I don't know what exactly all weeds look like, so I haven't attempted to weed yet for fear of pulling up my plants, but they are starting to take over.

This is either squash or zucchini.


I love when I catch them breaking through the soil.


I'm probably most excited about the watermelon that's sprouting...


Hopefully in a few months I'll have pictures of fruit and veggies... If I can keep the moles and weeds away. Gardening is definitely harder than I thought. I will be very surprised if I get anything edible out of it, but at least I've learned what not to do.

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