Thursday, August 23, 2012

half a year

I can't believe Ames is 6 months old already. Goodness. 

With 6 months comes solids. I don't care for solids much. I remember wishing for the day I would be finished with breastfeeding, but now I would much rather breastfeed than prepare food because of the cost and ease of it, not to mention the smell of her dirty diapers now..nasty. Yes, this picture is for real. Things got a little out of control to say the least. 

Ames was a trooper for her 6 month photo shoot. We only had one spill on the hardwoods, and it wasn't that bad.

This is her koala bear. I'm surprised we haven't named him yet. He sings "I come from a land down under." He's like our live-in nanny. With the press of his button she suddenly stops crying, and he can even get her to's really crazy. His battery is dying right now so he sounds pretty creepy, but she doesn't seem to mind.

I love this girl. thank you Jesus.

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  1. Get out! 6 months already!?! We need to visit soon! Love the pics!


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