Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm not a great blogger. I'm mainly posting this updated picture for Jack to look at when he's at work during his break. I can't seem to find time to do much these days other than tend to a baby and home. I've started a no TV rule from 9am - 9pm to keep from getting distracted. I do turn it on sometimes around 1pm to watch The Chew because I actually learn a lot of helpful cooking tips when watching. 

Our summer has gone by so fast, and our little girl is growing so fast. I'm realizing just how precious time is, and the Lord is really pressing into me the importance of spending it wisely. I struggle with hearing how he wants me to spend some of it. I feel a strong urge to serve and sacrifice in a greater way these days but I just don't know where or how. It feels much like not knowing what occupation you want to do in life so instead of going for something with uncertainty, you just stay where you are and don't do anything. frustrating.

Anyways, here's Ames at 4 months old, even though she's already 5 months. 

She's starting to cut another tooth so the fussiness during random times has started up again. She's also started waking anywhere between 2 and 5am and playing in her crib. I ignore her and she eventually goes back to sleep - thank goodness! We've tried out some solids: apples, bananas and sweet potatoes, but are taking it pretty slow. She's getting bored really quickly these days and wants to sit up and play with things, but she can't do it on her own and isn't a big fan of sitting in her bumbo seat for very long. She likes to bounce in her bouncer/exersaucer, but again, for only a short time. 
I'm starting to realize my "free/get things done time" is getting more and more limited with her getting older, but I'm learning it's ok to put off the dishes and laundry to play with my girl because she will be grown before I know it:(

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