Friday, November 11, 2011

counting weeks

I always found it annoying when I asked a pregnant friend how far along she was and she would respond with the amount of weeks. It meant I then had to take a minute and do the math in my head (I'm horrible at math so it would take longer than most people). I just wanted the answer in simple months. Now that I'm pregnant, I of course am counting by the weeks and they are flying by! The first 12 went by incredibly slow but now that I'm 27 weeks I'm getting a little nervous about this whole thing, and excited of course. Nervous mostly about raising a well-behaved child that loves Jesus. I feel like I need to read a whole library in the next couple of months on parenting. Also feeling very challenged lately with my relationship with Jesus and the affect that it will have on my child...they will see my every move and hear the words I speak...I want them to see Christ in all of it. This will be tough and many mistakes are bound to be made.

I've been spending most of my time editing some pictures and studying for an online class that is a thorn in my side these days. I HAVE GOT to start working on projects for the baby room and homemade gifts for Christmas! It's November 11th already! sheesh! Sloooooow down time! I'll try to post some pictures of the projects I do in case any of them turn out cute.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures from a recent photo session. so sweet.


WARNING: Stop reading now if you get grossed out easily. 

And a picture to prove that we're counting weeks...
I'm wearing the same thing in some pictures because we forgot to take the picture for that week...Also, week 17 Jack started to write "months" instead of "weeks". I wanted to use it anyways because I thought it was cute and shows how forgetful we are I am these days.

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  1. Welp, everything you said...I'm right there with you! I feel like time is flying by. February is approaching with rapid speed. And, nice pictures! Peter keeps telling me we need to take another (he's taking one every week or two if I think about).


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