Thursday, May 10, 2012

diy booties-so easy!

I finally completed another project I found on Pinterest. Baby Ames needed/will need some shoes to wear, so I pinned some diy booties and this one is by far the easiest (to me anyways).

I made two pair. They are really addicting once you make one pair because you start thinking of different colors and patterns you could do and they really are so simple to make.


For one pair I wanted to use the white lace but the fabric was not very sturdy, so I glued it to the cut out pieces before sewing.




they're not perfect, but I think they look cute enough to wear in public.
 This was the first pair I made. They aren't as sturdy and I actually bought the material to use for the bottom of the shoes, but ended up using it for the whole shoe.

 I used buttons to secure the straps. For the previous pair I just used velcro.
These shoes are actually slightly big on her feet and she's almost 3 months, but they should fit eventually. I am not a great sewer with the sewing machine so if i can manage this sewing project then you know it really must be simple and you should try it because you can get really creative with it!


  1. Love them! I might have to look into this! The white ones look a little like mini Toms.

  2. Loved it.could you please share about the material you use to make booties


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